Caring for tomorrow, today

Building better futures for Kansas kids takes the efforts of their families, communities, and the providers who work tirelessly to keep them safe and healthy.

Together, we can shape the future we want for our kids, championed by professionals who care.

Sharing tools for development

All In For Kansas Kids supports providers by sharing resources and information they need to advance in their profession, strengthen their services, and help along the development of the children in their care.

Care providers are the foundation and building blocks of our vision: a better future where every Kansas kid thrives. Find professional training resources in the links below to begin and advance your career as a provider.

Every Kansas kid succeeds with strong programs in place to ensure their healthy development and learning. These helpful tools will guide you in expanding and growing the care services you offer children and families in need.

At the heart of our early childhood system is the growth and well-being of Kansas children. These resources will help you and the families you serve support their health, safety and happiness.

Key Resources

Learn more about how you can help the children in our communities by leveraging the key information and resources below.