Welcome to the Kansas Community Data Dashboard

This Data Dashboard provides key data points that deepen your understanding of your community’s health, education, and employment needs to develop actionable plans and identify strong investments for children and families.

How it works

Select one or multiple counties, cities, or census tracts below, use the overlay list to gain community context, then click the Request Dashboard button to generate a custom Kansas Community Data Dashboard from mySidewalk. We also encourage you to review this User Guide, which walks you through how to interact specifically with the data and provides important details about data limitations. These limitations may influence how you determine to use or share the data.

Once you download your Community Data, take time to familiarize yourself with the information. Engage with it critically; some of the information and data may be new. Consider how your perspectives and experiences inform your understanding of the data. Are there topics that have a greater influence on your community than you previously knew? How can the work you do impact those with the greatest need? What assets already exist in your community that can aid this work? Does your community have  strong partnerships in place for collaboration?

If you have any questions about this data or suggestions to improve this resource, please send us a note.